Get Natural-Looking Bigger Breasts Without Silicone Implants

Get Natural-Looking Bigger Breasts Without Silicone Implants

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure performed to enhance breast appearance in terms of its size, shape, and volume. 

Many women feel self-conscious and lack confidence due to their small breasts as breasts do play a major role in defining one’s figure and the overall appearance. Women with small breasts may feel unhappy, frustrated with their self-image and often feel desperate for a solution to get fuller and more attractive breasts. 

Women who have naturally small breasts, as well as women who are struggling with having smaller breasts after pregnancy, weight loss, or due to ageing, can opt for breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation along with enhancing the size and shape of the breasts also helps to fix breast asymmetry.  

Dr. Santosh Bhatia of Vanity Cosmetic Clinic, Mumbai, Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon performs breast augmentation surgery to enhance and improve the overall appearance of the breasts and help women to build their confidence to re-establish their self-image. 

What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed to improve the overall appearance of breasts. The size, shape, volume, and fullness of the breasts are improved according to the patient’s expectations during this surgery.

What Methods Are Used For Breast Augmentation?

There are two methods used for breast augmentation. The first method is by using breast implants and the second method is fat grafting or fat transfer.

  • Breast Augmentation Through Implants:

When breast augmentation is done with breast implants, silicone implants or saline-filled implants are placed inside breast pockets to reform the shape and size of the breasts. 

  • Breast Augmentation Through Grafting:

In the method of fat grafting or fat transfer, fat stored in other parts of the body, generally thighs, stomach, arms, is taken and injected into the breasts.  


Breast Implant V/S Fat Grafting

Getting breast augmentation done by using breast implants is a traditional method. It is major surgery and this procedure requires a long time to show final results. In this procedure, by making incisions, breast implants are placed inside the breast pocket to reconstruct its shape and form. These breast implants are made up of different substances and different types of implants are used according to the patient’s needs and requirements. 

 On the other hand, fat grafting or fat transfer is more of a natural process. In this procedure, undesirable or excess fat stored in other parts of the body is taken through liposuction and that fat is injected into the breasts to enhance their volume and size. Also, when breast augmentation is done through the process of fat grafting, you get immediate and more natural-looking results. 

Breast Augmentation by Breast Implants Breast Augmentation by Fat Grafting
Invasive surgical procedure Minimally invasive procedure
In this process, breast implants (foreign substances) are placed inside the body which may cause risks and complications like implant leakage, rotating implants etc. As no alien substances are used but only the body’s own fat is used, fat grafting is a more natural and safer procedure.
Breast implants give more enhancement and projection. The fat grafting method will help you enhance breasts by one cup size.
Breast implants help provide a perky or lifted appearance to the breasts. Also, breast augmentation using breast implants gives more long-lasting results. The fat grafting method does not provide a lifted or perky look to the breasts. The final result may be affected due to weight loss, aging, or fat reabsorption.
Longer recovery period and will take a little longer to show the final result. Minimal recovery period and immediate results.

Why Opt For Breast Augmentation Through Fat Grafting?

  • Natural Looking Results: The procedure of fat grafting for breast augmentation is considered more natural. In this procedure, excess fat stored in other parts of the body is taken and used to enhance the breasts.
  • No Major Surgery Required: In the process of fat grafting, fat is taken from other body parts through the method of liposuction and then the same fat is injected into the breasts. As fat grafting does not require any major surgical processes and only tiny incisions are made during this procedure, there is no scarring and bruising in fat grafting. 
  • No Use Of Foreign Substances: While getting breast augmentation done through fat grafting, no alien substances are used or placed inside the body. As the body’s own fat is used to get desirable results, there are no risks or complications like leaking of implants, rotating or moving implants, collapsing implants etc. Also, since no artificial substances are used in fat grafting, results look more natural and appealing. 
  • Fat Reduction In Other Body Parts: As fat is extracted from body parts like buttocks, thighs, flanks, etc., one can experience fat reduction from these body parts. This not only helps in acquiring an ample bosom but also helps in improving the overall figure of the body due to fat reduction.

Dr. Santosh Bhatia explains that although breast augmentation through fat grafting is a costlier procedure, many women are opting for it due to the many benefits and advantages that it has over breast augmentation through implants. It not only gives natural results but also is very safe as no foreign or alien substance is introduced into the body. It is a perfect solution for those women who are skeptical about getting implants but still want to have fuller and enhanced breasts.

Get The Shape and Size You Desire with Natural Looking Results

It is natural to have questions regarding Breast Augmentation Surgery. Dr Santosh Bhatia, our Board-certified Plastic Surgeon at Vanity Cosmetic Clinic answers these questions and provides a clarification to eliminate any and all doubts or myths that revolve around this surgery.

How Breast Augmentation Is Done Through Fat Grafting?

  1. In this procedure, two steps (liposuction and injecting fat) are completed in a single session. 
  2. Before the procedure of liposuction, general anesthesia is given so the patient remains calm and comfortable throughout the procedure. Through tiny incisions, a cannula is inserted to loosen the fat and to suction it out. 
  3. While injecting the removed fat into breasts, multiple injections are used and placed according to the desired result and then through multiple tiny incisions, this fat is deposited into breasts. A cannula is also used during this part to avoid bruising and smooth deposition of the fat. 

How Is Recovery After Fat Grafting?

The recovery period and process vary from person to person. Recovery time for fat grafting depends on the factor which is from how many body parts fat was transferred.

However, generally, the initial recovery process takes 1-3 days and the complete healing process may take up to 1-3 weeks. You may feel pain, swelling, and soreness in breasts but that will be temporary. 

Patients are advised to avoid exercising and strenuous physical activities during this time. 

What To Expect From This Procedure?

  • Through fat grafting, you will get immediate and natural-looking results. As it is a more natural method of breast augmentation, it is safer and risk-free. 
  • It will cause minimal pain and no scarring or bruising will be left after recovery is fully done. 
  • Breast augmentation through fat grafting does not prevent sagging of breasts due to aging, weight loss etc. 
  • Although there are always chances of fat being reabsorbed, many people find the results long-lasting. 

If you have any doubts or queries regarding this or any other procedures, we invite you for a consultation with Dr. Santosh Bhatia where he will assist you expertly on the matter. You can contact Dr.  Santosh Bhatia at  [email protected], call on +91 7043477777 or book an online consultation with Dr. Santosh Bhatia who will guide you through the entire procedure.