Face Lift Surgery

Aging is a natural and unavoidable process. Who can escape it? Not even your favorite celebrities! The signs of aging are first seen on the face as the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. This might bring down one’s confidence as a youthful appearance is lost with wrinkles and loose skin. There are all sorts of quick fixes available in the market to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate skin like face lift tape, face creams, lotions, etc. But these often do not work, or they may cause problems in the long term. Face lift tape in particular is a very popular tool used to get the results of facelift surgery. Face lift tape is usually made up of silicone, plastic, or latex. Face lift tape has been around many years and is used widely to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Face lift tape is also used as an instant solution to achieve a snatched, contoured face. However, it is proven and professionals agree too that face lift tape does not work and will not give the results that you want, simply because face lift tape is a temporary solution that does not effectively alter the face or skin. As opposed to the claims, face lift tape can actually accelerate the signs of aging if used for a long time as such face lift tape tends to tug and stretch the skin unnecessarily.

Although we don’t have a solution to stop aging, we do have an alternative to ineffective, temporary products to safely reduce the signs of aging in their tracks and have a taut, firm, and contoured face – and that alternative is a face lift surgery! 

Dr. Santosh Bhatia, a board-certified plastic surgeon of Vanity Cosmetic Clinic, restores your youthful appearance with a popular and safe face lift surgery.

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Face lift Information Capsule:

Synopsis of the surgeryA face lift surgery helps to get rid of signs of aging like the sagging and droopy features of the face and helps to restore a taut and youthful-looking face.
Length of processTwo to three hours (variable)
AnesthesiaGeneral or local anesthesia along with intravenous sedation
Recovery Around 2 weeks to recover and 4-6 weeks to start heavy exercising
Alternative nameRhytidectomy
Face lift surgery costFace lift surgery cost starts from Rs. 2,00,000/- + 18% GST
EMIInterest-free EMI available for face lift or facelift surgery

What Is
a face lift surgery?

A face lift, also referred to as rhytidectomy, or face lift surgery, aims to literally lift the face’s sagging and droopy features and give it a taut and firm appearance. Facelift surgery effectively deals with the signs of aging on the face as well as neck and gives a lifted, youthful appearance. 

A face lift surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure done to get rid of or fix several issues. A face lift can successfully correct the following issues:

What are the
different types of face lift surgery?

There are different types or methods of performing a face lift surgery. The type of face lift surgery is decided in the consultation itself. The most suitable method of face lift surgery is decided to meet all the needs and requirements of the patient. A face lift surgery is generally customized according to a patient’s unique needs and desires. The following are the different types of face lift surgery –

Traditional face lift Surgery

In the traditional face lift surgery, the incision begins near the temples, then taken down and around the front of the ear. This incision ends behind the ear. This traditional face lift surgery addresses all the issues right from sagging cheeks to droopiness near the jowls. The results of this traditional face lift surgery are more drastic. It is also often performed along with a neck lift for the best results.

Mini face lift surgery

In the mini face lift surgery, smaller incisions are made. A mini face lift surgery is generally recommended for those who do not have excessively sagging cheeks or jowls or do not need drastic results. In the mini face lift surgery, the incision begins at the hairline, goes down and around the front ear but stops there unlike the traditional face lift surgery where the incisions go behind the ear near the lower scalp.

The type of facelift surgery, be it traditional face lift surgery or mini face lift surgery, is generally decided during the consultation with Dr. Santosh Bhatia where he analyzes the facial structure, understands the patient’s needs and sets a realistic goal & expectations from the surgery.

who is
an ideal candidate for a face lift surgery?

Vanity Cosmetic Clinic’s Dr. Santosh Bhatia, a board-certified plastic surgeon has listed down some necessary requirements for people who wish to get a facelift surgery. If you fit the following criteria, you are an ideal candidate for a facelift surgery –

It is important to note that a facelift surgery takes care of the sagging and drooping skin of the face, not the superficial wrinkles, pigmentation, creases, etc.

What to expect at the
consultation with dr. santosh bhatia?

Generally, when a patient comes to the office for a facelift surgery, Dr. Santosh Bhatia guides them through the entire process. The type of facelift surgery is decided after taking into consideration the patient’s unique case.

Vanity Cosmetic Clinic prides itself on transparency. Hence, Dr. Santosh Bhatia explains the achievable result to the patient beforehand. He listens to the patient’s needs and desires and plans the treatment accordingly. 

Dr. Santosh Bhatia’s primary focus lies in fulfilling the expectations of the patient while ensuring the safety of the patient. He gives utmost importance to the consultation and analyzes every aspect and issue to deliver the best possible results.

Dr Santosh Bhatia
DR. SANTOSH BHATIA, MS, MCh.(Plastic Surgery)

How is the
face lift surgery cost determined in india?

Since face lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance. The face lift surgery cost depends on a lot of different factors. The following factors are included and decide the face lift surgery cost –

The face lift surgery cost also depends on the type of surgery, the procedure done, the skill and expertise of the surgeon, the location of the clinic or the hospital, and the accreditation of the facility.

What is the
cost of face lift surgery in Mumbai?

The total face lift surgery cost is around Rs. 2,00,000/- + 18% GST at Vanity Cosmetic Clinic, Mumbai. If both face lift and neck lift are done together, then the cost is generally Rs. 2,50,000/- + 18% GST. This figure will change depending on the factors mentioned above. During the consultation, Dr. Santosh Bhatia will explain to you the total face lift surgery cost for your unique case and all the contributing factors.

What to expect before
a face lift surgery?

During the consultation, the type of face lift surgery is decided upon according to the patient’s unique needs and requirements: traditional face lift surgery or mini face lift surgery. Dr. Santosh Bhatia will need to know the entirety of your medical history as well as the cosmetic procedures that you underwent in the past. This and other such information will be discussed to carry out the process smoothly and without any complications. Dr. Bhatia will also ask you to undergo a few blood tests to check for any impending issues.

Also, before the facelift surgery a few pictures will be taken to analyze the difference in the face before and after the procedure.

how Is a
face lift surgery performed at vanity cosmetic clinic?

What Is
the recovery after a face lift surgery?

The incisions are bandaged after the facelift surgery to provide light pressure on the site to accelerate the healing process

Step 1

Generally patients can resume their daily activities after 2 weeks of the procedure. 

Step 2

The swelling and pain which is common after the surgery can be alleviated with the help of medications prescribed by Dr. Santosh Bhatia. These must be taken as prescribed to have a comfortable healing time.

Step 3

Patients are advised to avoid strenuous physical activity for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Step 4

The results of the face lift surgery are immediately visible after the swelling comes down.

Step 5

Routine follow-ups must be mandatorily taken with Dr. Santosh Bhatia to keep a track of the healing process along with analysis of the result.

Timely follow-ups must be taken with Dr. Santosh Bhatia to ensure the recovery and the healing process are on the right track.

What are
the risks associated with face lift surgery?

Like any other surgery, face lift surgery also carries some risks and complications. The following is the list of very rare risks associated with a face lift surgery –

These risks are very rare and utmost care must be taken at all times to ensure that these risks do not turn into a reality.

If you are wondering whether or not you are an ideal candidate for face lift, we invite you for a consultation with Dr. Santosh Bhatia at Vanity Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai where he will provide you with his expert guidance.

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Dr Santosh Bhatia
DR. SANTOSH BHATIA, MS, MCh.(Plastic Surgery)
Meet the Doctor

Dr. Santosh Bhatia

Dr Santosh Bhatia is Mumbai’s most-sought-after Plastic Surgeon. Founder and Director at Vanity Cosmetic Clinic, Dr Bhatia is also associated with some of the best hospitals in Mumbai such as Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Breach Candy Hospital. 

Dr Bhatia has a vast global experience working with Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery hospitals in New York, Toronto, London, Chicago, Miami, Pune, and Mumbai. 

Dr Santosh Bhatia’s focus lies in performing minimally invasive, state-of-the-art plastic surgeries that yield natural-looking and gorgeous results. He is a cosmetic surgeon with the vision of an artist. Dr Bhatia pays keen attention to details which makes the patient’s transformation graceful and aesthetically pleasing. 

Dr Santosh Bhatia has happy patients including celebrities, socialites, and everyday women from all over the world. His surgical skills, experience and high-regard for safety has earned him a reputation not only in Mumbai but all over the world.

“Surgeon’s skill and experience, quality of care, infrastructure and facilities, and your comfort with the surgeon are just as important as the final cost of the surgery"

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