Lip Enhancement

When you smile you reveal one of the most gorgeous qualities of your personality and no we are not talking about your looks, we are talking about your warmth and ability to spread joy. A smile is the best way to spread some sunshine in everyone else’s lives. 

But what if your lips are too small, or too flat then would your smile still look that gorgeous? What if your lips are sagging due to age and this doesn’t allow you to smile fully? 

Nobody wants their smile to be hidden due to smaller, flatter or droopy lips. Now there is a solution in sight for this problem. It is a simple minimally invasive cosmetic procedure called Lip Augmentation. Dr Santosh Bhatia, a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon and the Director of Vanity Cosmetic Clinic performs Lip Augmentation safely and effectively at his Mumbai clinic. 

This page covers all the details about Lip Augmentation/Lip Enhancement procedures. It will give you an in-depth understanding of the procedure, risks, recovery and possibilities. 


Lip Enhancement Information Capsule

Synopsis of the surgery Lip Enhancement is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can be performed using different techniques to give fuller, plump lips.
Length of process 30-40 mins(may vary depending on the technique)
Anaesthesia Local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation (depending on the technique)
Recovery 2 days to recover and rest 1 week for the swelling to subside completely
Alternative nameLip Augmentation, Lip fillers, Lip lift etc.

What Is
lip augmentation/lip enhancement surgery?

Lip Enhancement or Lip Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure which can be performed only by a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon that results in the patient gaining plump and fuller lips. 

This cosmetic procedure is widely popular all across the globe. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that makes the patient look good and feel good about themselves in no time. 

What are
the different types of lip enhancement procedures performed at vanity cosmetic clinic?

Vanity Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai offers different options for Lip Enhancement procedures. 

The different types of Lip Augmentation procedures are: 


One of the most popular types of Lip Enhancements is the injectables procedure. Under this procedure, Dr Santosh Bhatia augments the lips using Fillers or Fat Grafting.  

  1. Fillers: Dermal Fillers are synthetic bio-compatible materials that imitate bodily fat in your lips. Hyaluronic acid, Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, and Perlane are some of the most commonly injected fillers for fuller lips. 
  2. Fat Grafting: This involves extracting fat from the body using liposuction and injecting it into the patients’ lips. This makes the lips plumper and looks 100% natural. 

Surgical Lip Enhancements

Dr Santosh Bhatia, the Director of Vanity Cosmetic Clinic specialises in contouring lips to look bigger, curvier and plumper all while ensuring the final result looks natural and proportionate to the rest of the face. 

Following are the types of Lip Enhancement Surgeries at Vanity Cosmetic Clinic: 

  1. Dermal Grafting: Dermal grafting is a technique where the surgeon removes dermis from the underside of the skin along with the fat and places it inside the lips through an incision. Dermal grafting moves the lips forward and makes them look plumper too. 
  2. Vermillion Advancement: In this procedure, Dr Santosh Bhatia removes a strip of skin from around the lips increasing the surface area of the lips. Then the vermillion skip is pulled outward and reshaped. This procedure increases the area of the lips and makes them look bigger and aesthetically beautiful. 
  3. Lip Lift: This is a simple anti-ageing cosmetic procedure that eliminates the problem of droopy lips. 

All of the above-mentioned Lip Enhancement Procedures are performed by Dr Santosh Bhatia, a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon at Vanity Cosmetic Clinic. Our patients have seen stunning results and live their lives with big, happy smiles!

Who Is
an ideal candidate for lip enhancement?

Lip Enhancement is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can be performed on patients who fit into the following criteria:

It is important to note here that candidate could be either male or female since this procedure is gender-neutral.

What to expect at the
consultation with Dr Santosh Bhatia?

Dr Santosh Bhatia’s one on one consultations are deep, detailed discussions where he asks the patient about their expectations, desires, goals, understands their medical history and explains the procedure and risks to them. 

You will be shown the different options for lip enhancement and after understanding your expectations Dr Santosh Bhatia will take a call on what process will work the best for your case. Pictures will also be taken of your lips from different angles as part of your case papers.

Our consultations also involve noting down your medical history and any allergies that might affect the surgery. We end the consultation only after the patient and Dr Santosh Bhatia are on the same page and there are no doubts in the mind of the patient.

Dr Santosh Bhatia
DR. SANTOSH BHATIA, MS, MCh.(Plastic Surgery)

What to expect before the
lip enhancement procedure?

Since Lip Augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure there aren’t too many preparations necessary before the surgery from the patient’s perspective. Dr Santosh Bhatia may ask you to undergo a couple of routine blood and urine tests in order to establish basic parameters for the surgery. 

But other than that, no special preparation is required from the patient’s side.

How Is
lip augmentation surgery performed?

The process for lip augmentation will depend upon the type of augmentation chosen for the patient. 
Following are the details for each type of procedure:

Dr Santosh Bhatia performs all of the above-mentioned procedures with panache and bearing in mind the importance of patient’s safety at all times. 

How Is
the recovery process for lip enhancement procedures?

Step 1

Lip enhancement or lip augmentation procedures are minimally invasive procedures. Hence, their recovery process is simpler and almost pain-free.

Step 2

In case of filler based lip enhancement, there is zero downtime. The patient can immediately resume work and other activities. 

Step 3

Similarly, for fat grafting lip enhancement, a couple of days is sufficient time to recover and get back in action. 

Step 4

For other lip augmentation surgeries, i.e Dermal Grafting, Vermillion Advancement and Lip Lift - 1 week of recovery is more than enough. The patient can resume their normal routine within a couple of days, but physically strenuous activities need to be avoided for the first week. 

Step 5

After you undergo any type of lip augmentation, you will notice swelling and bruising around the lips. Dr Santosh Bhatia will prescribe a topical antibiotic and may also give you some oral medication. Regular use of ice packs will help in reducing the swelling. Generally, the swelling subsides within a week’s time. 

What are
the risks associated with lip enhancement procedures?

Even though Lip Enhancement is a straightforward cosmetic procedure, it does have risks. It is vital that as a patient you are aware of the risks before you make the choice to undergo the knife. 

Following are the rare risks that may arise out of Lip Augmentation procedures:

Chances of patients actually suffering from these risks are very low because Dr Santosh Bhatia puts patient safety as a top priority on his action plan. 

If you are wondering whether or not you are an ideal candidate for Lip Enhancement we invite you for a consultation with Dr Santosh Bhatia at Vanity Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai where he will provide you with his expert guidance and clear all your doubts!


Before & after photos

Lip fillers

Fat Injection in cheeks and lips


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Dr Santosh Bhatia
DR. SANTOSH BHATIA, MS, MCh.(Plastic Surgery)
Meet the Doctor

Dr. Santosh Bhatia

Dr Santosh Bhatia is Mumbai’s most-sought-after Plastic Surgeon. Founder and Director at Vanity Cosmetic Clinic, Dr Bhatia is also associated with some of the best hospitals in Mumbai such as Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Breach Candy Hospital. 

Dr Bhatia has a vast global experience working with Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery hospitals in New York, Toronto, London, Chicago, Miami, Pune, and Mumbai. 

Dr Santosh Bhatia’s focus lies in performing minimally invasive, state-of-the-art plastic surgeries that yield natural-looking and gorgeous results. He is a cosmetic surgeon with the vision of an artist. Dr Bhatia pays keen attention to details which makes the patient’s transformation graceful and aesthetically pleasing. 

Dr Santosh Bhatia has happy patients including celebrities, socialites, and everyday women from all over the world. His surgical skills, experience and high-regard for safety has earned him a reputation not only in Mumbai but all over the world.

“Surgeon’s skill and experience, quality of care, infrastructure and facilities, and your comfort with the surgeon are just as important as the final cost of the surgery"

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