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Having thoroughly researched a really large selection of so called “treatment centres” and “aesthetic clinics”, I was left clueless and extremely frustrated with all the hype some of these places seem to generate with practically very little or nothing in terms of experience or understanding to offer. A lot could go wrong if the right kind of research and analysis is not done initially and that was exactly what i feared. My interaction with Dr. Santosh Bhatia from Vanity Cosmetic Solutions however changed my perspective and cleared the air.

Most importantly what made all the difference to me was that i saw the right combination of “Qualification” and “Experience” in this field and that’s what made my decision that much more simpler. The fact that Dr. Santosh came in with a Super Specialisation in Dermatology made me confident that i was in the right hands here.

I am therefore delighted to recommend Dr. Santosh Bhatia from Vanity Cosmetic Solutions as the ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE for everyone out there who’s looking to aesthetically improve their personality and add to their confidence and sincerely request you not to fall prey to random advertising campaigns but make the Logical Choice!

– Mr. Sunil

Dr is very friendly.patiently listens to our story and problems fully.he gives solution and talks very responsibility as if our elder brother is a dr.says pros and cons of treatment clearly.makes us understand very well, expected result, worst case scenarios, do’s ,dont’s etc. We can have a sense of personal touch with him always. Anytime any queries ,he answers during the treatment period via WhatsApp and phone call.he had done full thickness skin graft on neck and intra lesional scar reduction on back part.back part scar is reduced by more than 60%. Neck scar looks much better eaesthetically than before.most important thing we like about him is the moral confidence and boosts he gives, which we felt is very important for cosmetic surgery.we thank him for all his care and treatment and mainly his patience in listening to our social problems and stories.

– Mr. Jayendran T N

Dr. Santosh Bhatia was extremely professional and nice. He explained the procedure in detail about the pros and cons and made me feel confident about being in safe hands inspite of me being extremely nervous about it.

I am loving my new nose and scarless mole excision over my face.

I would definitely recommend him to everyone.

– Mr. Anshul Mody


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