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Having perfectly perky and round breasts is what every woman desires. But that is not the case always as various factors affect the natural appearance of the breasts and they start to lose their shape and fullness. Drooping and saggy breasts hamper the overall figure of the woman. This might affect their self-esteem and self-confidence.

A breast lift is a safe, effective, and excellent procedure that helps to firm up the breasts and literally ‘lift’ them in order to restore their youthful appearance. However, there are many questions that one might have before undergoing a breast lift. Dr Santosh Bhatia explains all the aspects that revolve around a ‘Breast Lift’ surgery in this blog.

What Is A Breast Lift?

Breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure that helps to lift the breasts to a higher position and make them appear firm and volumized. There are various reasons why the breasts lose their natural volume and shape. Whether your breasts are sagging due to age, drastic weight loss, or the after-effects of pregnancy, a lift-up can dynamically improve your appearance. 

A breast lift is also a procedure that is relatively free from major risks. It is a procedure preferred by many women across the globe.

Who Is The Right Surgeon To Perform A Breast Lift?

Dr Santosh Bhatia urges the patients to know everything about the surgeon before choosing them for yourself. He has made a list of all the things that you can check before undergoing the procedure:

  • It is necessary for a doctor to have the necessary qualifications to perform the surgery; as per the Indian Medical Association, the qualifications of the doctor should include an M.Ch in Plastic Surgery to perform a Breast Lift.
  • The doctor must be competent enough to administer anaesthesia even in the toughest of cases
  • The experience of the doctor matters along with the reviews and experiences of the previous patients who have undergone the same process. Reviews and ratings can be found on Google or the doctor’s respective websites. 
  • It is very important that you have a good rapport with your surgeon. One must be comfortable as well as trusting. This helps in carrying out the process without any hindrance or impediments.

These are some of the things to keep in mind while choosing the doctor for the procedure.

What Questions Should You Ask Before A Breast Lift?

There are certain questions that a candidate must ask before the procedure. During the consultation, Dr Santosh Bhatia encourages the patients to ask as many questions as they want in order to have complete clarity before the procedure. This helps to set the right expectations before the surgery. Some of the questions involve:

  • Am I the right candidate for the procedure?
  • What is the process involved?
  • What will the outcome of the surgery be?
  • Are any ‘before-after’ pictures available for the said procedure?
  • What is the duration of the surgery and of the stay after that?
  • What are the risks or complications that might occur during the procedure?
  • What can be done to avoid these risks or complications?
  • Are the results of the surgery permanent? 
  • What can be done to maintain the results of the same?

Regain Breast Volume and Perkiness

Dr Santosh Bhatia of Vanity Cosmetic Clinic has a perfect solution to regain the perkiness and volume of breasts: Breast Lift Surgery

How Is Breast Lift Performed At Vanity Cosmetic Clinic?

Once you get approved by your doctor as a suitable candidate for the surgery, the preparations can begin. During this phase, you need to undergo tests, finalize your surgery expectations, and address them to breast lift doctors. 

  • The first step of the procedure is administering anaesthesia. Local or general anaesthesia along with intravenous sedation is given.
  • Incisions are made around the breast area. 
  • The breast tissue is lifted and fixed in place, usually at a higher position. Re-shaping is also done in certain cases.
  • In the case of a stretched out areola, the excess areola is excised at the perimeter, the nipples are re-positioned at a youthful height.
  • The areolas and nipples are placed directly above the tissue and connected to it so that there is no loss of sensation.
  • In case of excess skin, it is excised and then tightened as the incisions are closed.
  • The sutures will be placed within the tissue to ensure that the new position of the breasts remains intact for a long time.

Post-surgery care for your breasts is as important as pre-surgery precautions. More importantly, you and the people taking care of you should know what to expect after the procedure. 

What You Can Expect After Breast Lift Surgery?

  1. Gauze wrapping and drain tubes – Right after a breast lift procedure, women can expect their breasts to be covered with some form of medical gauze wrapping/dressing. This is completely normal and essential to ensure adequate healing. In addition, minute tubes may also be inserted through incision locations. Such tubes are needed to drain out the blood and excess fluid.
  2. Signs of visible bruising and swelling – Breasts will be swollen and contain visible bruises for the first two weeks following the breast lift surgery. One might also notice considerable redness in and around the incision points. After a month the redness also disappears and breasts will look completely natural.
  3. Visible stitches – Some women require their mastopexy surgery scars to be removed by doctors. Others may notice that the appearance of their stitches becomes almost negligible. If there are considerable stitch signs, the surgeon should be consulted regarding when to remove them. Generally, one can get their stitches removed after just a few weeks.
  4. Movement and activity restrictions – Body movements are also restricted following the procedure. Usually, right after a breast lift surgery, women are unable to perform any high-intensity exercise, lift heavy objects, or stoop down. Sexual activity must be avoided for at least two weeks. Simple tasks like showering or taking a bath also need to wait for a week or two. If you manage to abide by these restrictions, the healing process will go according to plan.
  5. Pain and numbness – A breast lift procedure will result in some amount of lingering pain for some time, usually ranging from a few weeks to more than a month. The surgery incision locations are primary locations where the pain is especially sharp. Areola, breast skin, and nipple numbness are also normal signs. Doctors can prescribe pain medicines if needed.

These are some of the most common elements that one can observe after a breast lift. We hope that this blog covered answers to all questions that you might have regarding Breast Lift. In case you have any queries regarding the procedure, you can contact Dr Santosh Bhatia at  [email protected], call on +91 7043477777 or book an online consultation with Dr Santosh Bhatia who will guide you through the entire procedure.